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Vinod Babu

Nodal Officer (Waste
Management Division),

Over-all, 30 years of experience in planning and implementation of Pollution Control/abatement programs and Waste Management in India. As Nodal officer of Waste Management Division in CPCB, responsible for preparation of strategies and guidelines for waste management and Implementation of Waste Management Rules specific to Hazardous Waste, E-Waste, Batteries Waste and Bio-Medical Waste. Associated in projects relating to Resource Efficiency and circular economy. 

Implementation of projects relating to remediation of contaminated sites.

Pollution Control and assessment; Expertise in assessing pollution abatement technologies in Steel Plants, Fertilizer units, Aluminum Smelter, Paper & Pulp, Sugar, Distillery, Power Plants, Tanneries, TSDFs and HW-Recycling facilities.

Evaluation of various technical proposals for utilization hazardous waste in environmentally sound manner .

Vinod Babu
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