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Sarvesh Kumar

Chief GM, Refining Technology,
IndianOil R&D

28 years of experience in field of Refining, Petrochemicals, Gasification

Currently heading Refining Technology domain of IndianOIl R&D

Associated in the development & commercialization of hydroprocessing Technologies like:

INDAdeptG, indeDiesel® (DHDS & DHDT), indeSelectG®, indJet®, indDSK®, LPGTU, CFC, PGH/FGH, and indDSN®

Co-processing of non-edible oils

14 Technologies developed, 38 units commercialized in Refinery & Petrochemicals and 18 more units under implementation

Initiated futuristic R&D in areas: Specialty products, COTC, Net Zero, SAF, Biomass valorization, Advanced Carbon Materials, Needle Coke, Novel catalysts for Isomerization & Reformer


45 national and international patents in the field of Refining, Petrochemicals, bio-oils, catalysts, etc.

Received various national and international Awards for development & deployment of technologies

Continuous Film Contactor (CFC) Technology for Removal of H2S & Mercaptans from LPG

Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association- ICMA (2002)

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry- FICCI (2003)

National Petroleum Management Program- NPMP (2003)

National Research Development Corporation- NRDC (2006)

World Petroleum Council (WPC) Excellence Award (2008) for Technological developments

Petrofed Award (2012) for Co-processing of non-edible oils in diesel hydrotreating unit

MoPNG, GOI (2014) Award for Co-processing of Bio oil in diesel hydrotreating unit

Centre for High Technology (CHT) Award (2019) for gasoline desulfurization

CHT Award (2021) for Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) production technology

Sarvesh Kumar
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