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Mr. Mario Majic

AVISTA OIL Head of Strategic Business Development,
Marketing & Corporate Governance

Mario Majic is an open-minded, communicative, and motivated individual with a holistic approach to sustainability and business challenges. He possesses a problem-solving mentality with a clear focus on leadership to achieve targets, all while maintaining a sense of being part of the larger picture. As an enthusiastic promoter of circularity, Mario is committed to advancing sustainable practices.

Since 2018, Mario has been serving as the Head of Corporate Governance, Marketing, and Business Development at AVISTA OIL AG. Prior to this role, from 2016 to 2018, he worked as a Risk & Compliance Manager and Senior Project Manager at the same company. His journey with AVISTA OIL AG began in 2014 when he took on the roles of Project Manager and Executive Board Assistant.

Mr. Mario Majic
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