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Arjit Basu

Managing Director,
Tide Water Oil

As the Managing Director of Veedol (Tide Water Oil Company India Limited), a leading lubricants company with over a century of history and legacy, he is responsible for preparing and leading the organization to the next level of profitable growth in a business-ready, future-ready, and people-ready manner. He has been in this role since March 2023, and he also serves as a board member of Granville Oil & Chemicals Ltd and ENEOS Tide Water India Pvt Ltd, a 50-50 joint venture company between Veedol and Eneos, the largest lubricant manufacturer in Japan.

With over 25 years of professional experience in the fields of construction chemicals and Automotive & Industrial lubricants, he has developed a strong track record of general management, P&L management, strategic investment, team building, mentoring, and digitalization. He holds a Chemistry degree from Calcutta University and executive management and leadership courses from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and IMD Business School, Lausanne. Passionate about building and nurturing relationships with customers, partners, and stakeholders, as well as developing and empowering talents within the organization, he is an influential, persuasive, and demanding leader. He responds to new opportunities quickly, copes with ambiguity and change, and enjoys venturing into new and unexplored territories. An animal lover, a chess aficionado, and a micro-influencer with 13K+ followers on social media, he embodies a diverse range of interests and talents.

Arjit Basu
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